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Hello! I'm a director with a background in physical theater. I was an original American cast member of Stomp and have coached drums for Blue Man Group for over 16 years. My work aims to add linear storytelling to spectacle theater. 
ameenah kaplan
D i r e c t o r / C h o r e o g r a p h e r
"With nimble choreography...director Ameenah Kaplan’s fight sequences are exciting without resorting to fake bloodshed." The Royale (Seattle Times)
"The opening fight scene is probably the most inventive piece of stage direction I’ve seen." The Royale (Seattle Gay Scene)
"The battle is invigorating to behold...This is largely due to the production’s choreography, which is set to a pulse-quickening staccato rhythm that comes and goes throughout. The fighters move with a seamlessness befitting their roles, though the stylized pantomime of fighting here demands more from them than the slip, dip, and drag of the boxer." The Royale (Seattle Weekly)
"Audiences takes their seats to a thrumming world beat composed by choreographer Ameenah Kaplan, whose dances will take us to the Middle East, New Orleans and Latin America before we’re through." A Midsummer Night's Dream (Journal Sentinel)
"Raditatical is one of those superb amalgams of music, dance and visuals whose sum eludes description." Raditatical (Stage Raw LA) 
"This knockout entertainment is consummately staged by director-choreographer Ameenah Kaplan." Bash'd (Backstage West)
"Ameenah Kaplan takes great advantage of the boys’ uniform physical agility and athleticism, creating song-and-dance numbers far more entertaining than the overdone Catholic jokes." Altar Boyz (LA Weekly)
“When turned over to Pearson, music director Christopher Lloyd Bratten, and his knockout band, and performed by these five charismatic kids who work their butts off interpreting choreographer Ameenah Kaplan’s delightfully tongue-in-cheek moves, magic happens.” Altar Boyz (Backstage West)

The Algerian (feature), 2nd Unit Director, Zelko Films
Man With a Movie Camera (short), Writer/Director, Bad Barbie Media
The American Failure (short), Director, Cedar Films
The Wiz, First Stage, Milwaukee (2018)
How to Break, Village Theatre, Seattle (2017)
The Royale, Director, ACT Theatre, Seattle (2016)
Molodi: Up Close And Personal, Director, Molodi, Las Vegas (2015)
Raditatical: A Journey in Rhythm, Creator/Director, RAJIRI LA (2014)
Black Sheep Director Young Playwright’s Festival (2014)
Other People’s Organs, Director, Young Playwright’s Festival (2012)
Bash’d, Director, Celebration Theater (2011)
2008 LA Weekly Theater Awards, Co-Director, LA Weekly Productions (2008)
Everyman for Himself, Writer/Director/Choreo, Silverback Productions (2006)
Fear: A Fairy Tale (workshop), Writer/Director/Choreo, Center Theater Group (2008)
Dancing With the Stars, ABC Television 2013
The Royale, Kirk Douglas Theater 2013
The Brothers Size, Fountain Theatre 2014
The Ballad of Emmett Till, Fountain Theatre 2011
In the Red and Brown Water, Fountain Theatre 2012
The Women of Brewster Place,  Celebration Theater 2011
Altar Boyz, Theater 2010
Title of Show, Celebration Theater 2010
The Daddy Machine, Celebration Theater 2009
A Wither’s Tale, Troubadour Theater Company 2011
A Christmas Carol King Aerial, Troubadour Theater Company 2007
Santa Claus Is Coming to Motown, Troubadour Theater Company 2008
Alice in One Hit Wonderland II, Troubadour Theater Company 2009
The Comedy of Aerosmith, Troubadour Theater Company 2008
CHiPs – The Musical, Troubadour Theater Company 2010
Oedipus the King, Mama!, Troubadour Theater Company 2010
Frosty the Snowmanilow, Troubadour Theater Company 2011
Jackson Frost Aerial, Troubadour Theater Company 2009
It’s a Stevie Wonderful Life, Troubadour Theater Company 2008
Hamlet, the Artist Formerly Known as…, Troubadour Theater Company 2007
The Comedy of Aerosmith, Troubadour Theater Company 2007
Elmina’s Kitchen, Lower Depth Ensemble 2012
Wedding Band, Lower Depth Ensemble 2014
Princess Bean’s Messy World, Princess Bean Productions 2006
2015 NAACP Award. Best Choreography. The Brother’s Size
2014 Ovation Award and NAACP Award. Best Choreography. The Royale
2012 LA Weekly Queen of Angels Award
2010 NAACP Theater Award. Best Choreography. The Women of Brewster Place
2009 LA Weekly Award. Best Choreography. Altar Boyz
2007 Richard E. Sherwood Award presented by Center Theater Group.
2006 LA Weekly Award. Best Fight Choreography. NAACP Theater Award. Best Choreography. Everyman for Himself.

 Academy of Art University. Motion Picture and Television. BFA Film 2013.
New York University, Tisch School of the
Arts. Acting.
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